What is the Collegiate Starleague?

To all those who thought I fell off the face of the earth, have no fear! I’ve just been on hiatus a bit, stretching my writing time out collaborating with some new friends at the Collegiate Starleague. You might be wondering what on earth the CSL is, so I’ll give you a little backdrop.

Have you ever watched college sports? Maybe attended a game at your university? Then you know that there is a particular collegiate structure to them (which you will be familiar with in particular when it comes to basketball or football). The Collegiate Starleague uses the idea of college sports such as these in the context of Starcraft 2, while also reflecting South Korea’s Starcraft “Proleague” format. So, it’s collegiate e-sports, if you will. They started in the Fall of 2008, and are currently in their fourth season. You know what else is nice? The founder/head administrator is Mona Zhang, aka hazleynut. Score one for femme gamers out there!

I really liked the idea, and once I heard they were looking for contributors, I hopped on board for battle reports. Now, as playoffs start, I’m dipping my toes into the water of team interviews and playoff coverage. It’s been a really fun ride so far! You can see some of my CSL work here:

Rutgers vs. Tufts
Cheesetown vs. Atrioc
Trimaster vs. Menace
Slam vs. Jstar
Univ. of Waterloo interview

Anyway, I urge you to visit the CSL and get to know about them. Maybe your alma mater has a team, or maybe the college you go to right now does. If it doesn’t, and you play SC2 yourself, think about setting up a team! You can always get in touch with me to find out ways to promote, but it’s all on their site.

CSL Playoffs start Thursday, March 24th at 9PM at!


New Technologies, New Experiences

Sean here again. Recently at my blog, Lucid Delusions, I did a recap of the games I’m looking forward to in 2011. My mini write up on L.A. Noire for my that post really got me thinking that I want to expand on my coverage of the game. However I realized there’s one part of that coverage that I wanted to dedicate a whole post to. Lately I’ve been trying to keep the talk on the blog a little casual but today we’re going to get a bit more technical. That is to say, this post is going to explore the new motion capture technologies that are driving forward today’s entertainment. Once again I’ll just warn you this will get a little technical but you’ll have a better understanding of the tech that’s powering the games you’re playing. Read the rest of this entry »


A Cry for Justice

I’m going to make my introduction short and then get straight to the meat of this article. Hi, I’m Sean, yet another fellow gamer. Every now and then I’ll write an article and chime in with another point of view. With that out of the way, onto the article!

Welcome DC’s long awaited MMO, DC Universe Online. Together with Sony Online Entertainment, they’ve created a super hero action MMO to rival that of City of Heroes/Villains. The game releases on January 11th but a beta was running on PC as well as the PS3 for those fortunate to be Playstation Plus members. Over the holidays I had a chance to sit down with the beta and give it a once over as a member of the Playstation Plus ranks and figured I’d share my thoughts on it. Read the rest of this entry »


New Years Resolution: A Look at 2011

My biggest new years resolution is to set aside more time for gaming; even though I write on this blog, I’ve recently been using my free time doing things that involve gaming, but aren’t actually playing (writing, scoping out tournaments, reading forums, preaching the Day9 daily good news).  We all go through phases, and right now I just happen to be in spectator mode. Once I ride out this current low point, I’ll be definitely welcoming the follow titles in the coming year:

1) Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Why: Who the hell doesn’t love a good fighting game? Whether you’re a button masher or a precise combo master, the Marvel vs. Capcom series is fun for everyone. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent with friends playing the first MvC and I’m on the edge of my seat for 3, just so I can invite them all over my house this time and show them how much my skills have deteriorated since  high school. You’ll see me playing with Dante from Devil May Cry a lot, I bet (And thankfully he’s got the old school look, not that reimagined hip looking Dante). 3v3 tag team fighting mode? Yes, plox.

2) DC Universe Online
Two NY Comic Cons ago, I scoped out the Champions Online guys talking about their upcoming release. When the game finally came out, I was sad because it really didn’t live up to what I thought it could have been. I was a huge City of Heroes player back in the day, and ever since I stopped playing that game, I’ve been itching for an appropriate comic book MMO replacement. Will DC Universe Online do it? I hope so! With storylines penned by DC writers Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman, and the extensive character creation ability it promises, I am already fiending.

3) Dragon Age II
Because Dragon Age is one of the coolest RPGs I’ve played in some time (and I am still playing through it but plan on finishing soon I promise!). Seriously, if you haven’t tried Dragon Age yet, get it. I bought both Final Fantasy 13 and this at the same time, and which one do I keep going back to? Well, I’ll give you a hint: not Square Enix’s game…

4) Diablo III
Sadly (or not) I am a Blizzard beast and intend on picking up this title to see what else the company has in store for this legendary series. I liked the previews I saw at Blizzcon, and really will enjoy the arena PVP play even if I suck at it. I will probably disappear for a while once this game comes out!

5) Portal II
Because even a superficial play through of Portal got me hooked. I love puzzle games (remember Myst?) and this will appeal to that part of me that still tries to get through an intermediate game of Minesweeper without failing in the first 3 clicks.

Wow that is a lot of sequels! I’m also looking forward to a bunch of other titles, but I expect the above 5 to be my focal point for the year. iD is coming out with Rage, a FPS that will likely interest me more than Call of Duty; there’s also Guild Wars 2, Duke Nukem Forever, and the next Metal Gear Solid installment. So many titles, so little time!

I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to…


Fighting and Feeding: Playing League of Legends!

For those of you unfamiliar, Defense of the Ancients is a mod that was created with the WC3 world editor many moons ago, featuring teams of players gunning for the opposing force’s Ancient on the other side of the map (based on the existing map Aeon of Strife), with the help of AI “Creeps” that spawn along the way. Each player controls a hero which levels up and equips items as they progress. This simple notion caught on like wildfire, and DotA became a competitive feature at Blizzcon and the World Cyber Games.

Onto League of Legends – released in 2009 after an extensive open beta, it functions with the same premises as the WC3 DotA, just with its own set of heroes, runes, abilities and maps. I personally thought it sounded like fun when some friends of mine recommended it, so I decided to install it and run a tutorial. (Yes, the game is free, but the free version is limited in which heroes you can pick on a week to week basis.)

Little did I know, but I was setting myself up for a lesson in hardcore gaming.
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Fallout: New Vegas

Greetings ladies and … uh, other ladies. Justin’s the name, and I’ve been invited to contribute my viewpoint from time to time, despite being clearly male, which will no doubt be mired down in terrible jokes because my sense of humor is atrocious! I suppose I should explain who I am first though, what with the facial hair and all. I’ve been writing since way back in 2003, where I ran a little comedy website by the name of “Dyslexic Penguin.” Don’t bother asking why I called it that, I never figured it out either. Now, truth be told the leader of this FemmeGamers shindig has known me even longer than that, via the magical world of America Online. Back before she sang in a band, and before I knew the absolute majesty of complaining about things I’m supposed to enjoy on the Internet. Terri asked if I’d be willing to help out with the brand spankin’ new site, and I figured what the hell. I can be feminine. I’ve got some bath lotions in the bathroom somewhere. They make my hair follicles sparkle!

Now, as a warning I tend to almost never be serious. In fact, it wouldn’t be that inaccurate to describe me as an ass. So you can expect awful jokes that will no doubt be lost on an audience more intelligent than my normal selection of mouth breathers. You can also expect me to be pretty fair with things. When it comes to gaming, I’m probably one of the more forgiving players. I try to find a reason to play virtually anything I buy unless it’s so bad that even I can’t find an upside to it. Hell, I found a way to have fun with Final Fantasy 13, and that was a hallway simulator. I say this because generally what you’re gonna see out of me is stuff like game reviews when I have the time, or occasionally stuff about the history of a certain franchise. You know, nerd stuff. For today, I’ve decided to write up a review of the recently released spin-off to the former game of the year, Fallout 3, with “Fallout: New Vegas.” I figured it was a good place to start since I opted to use the nickname of Vault Boy on the site. Albeit only because I didn’t wanna go by “DP” and have people thinking I’m running around a female based site with the nickname of double penetration or anything. That’s kind of an awkward e-mail to respond to. On any account, lets get right down to business.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas
Systems: PC, X-Box 360, Sony Playstation 3.
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Release Date: October 19th, 2010
ESRB Rating: M

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Playstation Lounge Grand Opening Tour!

I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening of the Playstation Lounge in New York City on Tuesday at the Sony Building (550 Madison Avenue for anyone who wants to go check it out themselves). To those unfamiliar with the layout, the first floor is just a regular Sony merchandise outlet; the real gamer action is downstairs. Numerous games were lined up, and already being played by the time I arrived.

I had a chance to watch people play with the new Move controller, and the Move sports impressed me the most. Table tennis moved precisely where you moved your hand, and was very responsive. In the back they had shoot’em ups, such as Killzone 3 3D. It had only one controller, but several visors so at least you could watch the action. Racing games felt more arcade style, with seats that let you spread your feet out, just as if you were actually in one of those sports cars. Overall I was impressed with the décor, and the layout, and if they continue to let you sample all of these games whenever the store is open, it should be a common spot for gamers to congregate.

Sports Champions “Gladiator Duel” being played using the new Move controller.

Click on the cut for more exclusive images and video from the event!

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For great (in)justice

We may have already voted here in the United States this week, but there’s more news on the political horizon pending and this time it directly involves video games. If you haven’t heard, Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association began legislation this week to decide the fate of a 2005 law that passed (but was not enacted) forbidding the sale of “violent” video games to minors and imposing hefty fines on non-complaint retailers.

To catch up on the issue, watch this pretty comprehensive PBS tidbit:

Seeing how this is testing First Amendment rights, I find it to be an important case to follow.
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E-Sports: Truly universal (or not)?

This past weekend, hosted a female-only SC2 tournament that we promoted on our brand-spanking new Twitter account. The tournament itself was successful and congratulations go out to 1st place winner Pikachu and all the other women that played. In some ways, though, the the bulk of the action took place outside of the tourney itself in the debates that arose on several gaming forums. Some troll-ololols thought it’d be cute to mock the women organizing it, saying the typical “girls don’t play games” schtick, while others were supportive and the rest were ambivalent about the issue.

I personally believe that e-sports can potentially be a universal playing field for both men and women. Both sexes can equally pick up a controller, keyboard or mouse and start playing a game (and well, at that). However, this is not to say gaming is inherently gender-neutral. Games tend to be marketed towards men, and played more by them. I think as the years go by this will balance out, but right now the standing is that more men play video games than women, and advertising continues to reflect that trend.

This is where you, the reader, comes in. What are your thoughts on segregating tournaments for women only? Does this help attract female gamers, or potentially undermine them? Does it matter? Continue the debate here and register for our forums, where you can get to the heart of the matter in this post!


Blizzcon 2010

For a month, I planned on buying the live two-day Blizzcon stream with a bunch of friends and making a big shindig out of it. Why, you ask, spend even more on Blizzard than I already have through a bunch of games, expansions and monthly subscriptions? Because I couldn’t find anything better to do on October 22nd and 23rd (that, and I hang tight with fellow geeks). Unfortunately, things came up last minute and our plans fizzled out, but I was still able to see a sizable portion of the convention through a free stream offered on the Blizzcon site.

Quite frankly I was surprised that Blizzard even offered a free option. They certainly didn’t promote it in an effort to attract people to purchase the PPV package, but it was available (I didn’t watch last year’s event either, so I didn’t know that they usually offer free content). I was pleasantly surprised that free streaming allowed you to see the opening ceremony and watch whatever was happening on the WoW tournament stage and the RTS stage. We didn’t get access to the developer’s panels and other events like the closing ceremonies with Tenacious D, but honestly, I was just there for the competitions.

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